Light of the World Photography (LOTW PHOTO) is nonprofit on-location photography business that provides free or low-cost photography services to Cedar Rapids, Linn County and the Eastern Iowa Corridor.Through the lens, Light of the World Photography (LOTW PHOTO) captures and preserves special moments of life with true emotion and translate them into art. These are the moments that you and your loved ones will treasure forever. Our time here is short, which makes it even more precious. Our stories and relationships are what connect us, and are some of the most beautiful things. Revealing your story in a simple, yet beautiful way is something that LOTW PHOTO would love to share with you. We love capturing families, kids, weddings and LIFE! Photography is much more than simply capturing a few moments in time, we strive to create gorgeous, colorful, vibrant, and unique images that showcase the beauty in every image photographed. Photographers are mediums, providing a service to you. We’re here to capture intimate moments that you may not have ever noticed. So, don’t let those moments in life become regrets…but, allow LOTW PHOTO to capture all these joyful, and celebratory events in your families life, and guide you in displaying those images as beautiful, timeless pieces of artwork beautifully displayed in your home.Kent’s Love for photography began in high school taking pictures for his high school newspaper and yearbook. From there it has grown into a passion for telling a story through the art of photography. Kent has an intensive pursuit to learn everything he can about photography. Kent participates in as many mentor-ships, courses and seminars as he can possibly find time (and money) for. Kent loves to learn and continually strives to be better than he was the day before, he’s blessed to have this passion and purpose in photography! Photography is a life-long learning experience of the best kind, regardless of your skill level.  I learn or discover something new every time I pick up the camera whether I’m alone, giving a clinic or providing a 1on1 session.  The art of photography provides for endless lessons and experience well beyond the technical aspects of today’s equipment and software.

When it comes to photographs, there’s nothing better than seeing your images come to life through printed portraits.  As years go by, those photographs are there to bring you back to those special moments in time and make you smile. And because technology and hard drives can fail, I strive to help you preserve those precious memories in the most tangible way possible – with actual prints and products to hold in your hand to pass down for generations! And though I favor shooting in natural light as much as possible, I am also experienced with professional lighting and flash, and can work in any lighting situation!